Shadows of Light III

Chapter III


In this segment, let us consider the concept of “Light and Energy”. Do you remember the stories regarding lightening, in the middle of rain storms? Are you aware that during a lighting strike, that the light (or energy) travels from a place on the ground upwards…, towards the clouds?   When I was a child, I used to try to watch lighting.  I could never really tell, because I could not foresee from where the next strike would be.   And, many were transfers of light energy from one cloud to the next.

Are you aware that during a lighting strike, that the light (or energy) travels from a place on the ground upwards…, towards the clouds?   When I was a child, I used to try to watch lighting.  I could never really tell, because I could not foresee from where the next strike would be.   And, many were transfers of light energy from one cloud to the next.

I would think about things that my parents had said, what my teachers had said; but mostly about God’s promise that He would not flood the entire earth, again.  (16)  I would think about his promise, and that the rainbow, would be the visible sign of this promise.   I have always enjoyed the rain, especially since my area of the world (the mountains of northern New Mexico, USA), is not blessed with much rain.   I loved how rain cleared the air and made all things smell fresh, again; and how the rainwater made all things green.    My mother would remind me that the heavens were weeping about the wickedness on the earth and that thunder was God’s anger toward us. (17- see also)   I would think about my place in this world.  

When I was a child, about age 11 or 12, I recall my parents in a fierce disagreement.   The argument was becoming more and more violent.   My mother saw me, and in a calm voice…, told me to hide under the trailer.   I did, and as did, I saw her pick up an axe and threaten my father.   I became seriously concerned and started praying.   I pleaded with God, to stop this.   And within seconds, I heard a loud thunder and next – about 10 minutes of 1” – 2” hail falling… hard!

I no longer , had, any question about God…, and the power of prayer.   Obviously…, the hail (God via a hailstorm) stopped the argument.   My father got into his car and left.   My parents divorced.       

Rain was, and still is a vital ingredient on my life.  In fact, I now know that 70 percent of this physical body, which Mom made for me…, is made of water.   But I digress.  Back to light, lightning, energy…,

Do you recall the stories about Benjamin Franklin and his kite and key experiments?   Do you recall Faraday’s experiments with electricity…, or Tesla’s?   How about Thomas Edison? Edison used Tesla’s knowledge to harness electricity; in-so-much that we now enjoy the use of this free energy…, for a price! (18- The God Code)

By the way this light is a gift from God; another key ingredient of our bodies.  These people, and probably many, many others, throughout humanity’s existence, have seen the wonders of heaven (lighting) – the invisible becoming visible.

Do you think, even for a moment, that…, only you…, are capable of seeing light, truth, knowledge?  These individuals were not even prophets of God.  Imagine what wonders, the prophets of God have seen?  

Oh, but of course, perhaps you do not even believe in God.   You believe that you came from a monkey or a pig or some other alien life form.  You evolved.  You are one of the smarter people, in this world.   There is no one smarter than you.  Not even, God.   There is no one more  capable of doing anything greater, than you.   And, If…, that is the case…, why are you still here?   Why are you reading my nonsense? 

Don’t forget…, how you…, how you dishonor your mother for providing you with a physical body.   Go ahead, be ungrateful.  Deny God, your Father.   Deny Jesus, The Christ, your Redeemer.   Just be careful…, not to deny you heavenly mother.  

For those of you, still humble enough to open your hearts and minds…, to learn something new. Let us explore truths about light and energy – the life giving source of this universe.   Light, which we see in the form of daylight every morning that comes from the sun.   With it, we can see the beauty of this world.   At night, we have the light of the moon and of the stars.  Not as bright, never the less, still light, still energy.   And now a question, for you.   Did not Christ say that He is the light of this world?   (19)   Did he not say that His countenance was seven times that of the sun – which lights and energizes this planet?  (20) How can this be?   How can a man, be the light of this world?

Do you, do you have enough faith to try to understand the truth of His pronouncement?   Do you have enough desire…, to study, investigate and learn the truth?  Or do you prefer to wander around in the dark (absence of light and truth)?   Do you choose this “darking” process upon yourself, willingly and on purpose?   Why do you choose darkness over light?  In other words: when choosing between “good” and “evil”…; do you choose evil?   Darking!

In Abraham, Chapter 3, we learned about the lights, the stars, in the heavens (Star Trek’s “…,space, the final frontier…”).   One star in particular, Kolob is near to the world wherein God resides (21 see facsimile 2).   From thence, God’s light, truth, yes even energy emanates through-out the heavens (the universe – millions of galaxies), finally reaching our sun, in this solar system.

Scientists have told us that light from the sun…, takes eight minutes to reach the earth and the moon.   Much of that light is deflected by our atmosphere, but enough is retained to provide us with heat, life, energy, light, etc., etc.   According to Abraham, God revealed to him that the sun rules the day and the moon rules the night.   And if I understand correctly, certain elements of that light gather in the moon for 14 days of the month and then over the next 14 days, release their communication to the earth.   (22) So what is this light?   Different forms of the invisible?   Energy, light, magnetism, sound, color, vibration, heat, radiation, solar winds…, each at a different frequency, or even the breath of life, itself?

But, But, before I continue, I wish to review what was written in ancient times and decidedly determined not to be included in the bible of Constantine.   I wish to expand upon “The Letter of Barnabas” attributed to “…, Barnabas, a companion of the apostle Paul”.  (23 Page 219, Lost Scriptures, by Bart D. Ehrman, 2003.  In chapters 18-20 a discussion is recorded regarding the two paths: light and darkness.   In this discussion regarding enlightenment, I have introduced a new concept (or maybe not), which I call:


“… There are two paths of teaching and authority, the path of light and the path of darkness.   And the difference between the two paths is great.  For over the one are appointed light-bearing angels of God, but over the other – the angels of Satan.  And the one is Lord from eternity past to eternity to come; but the other is the ruler over the present age of lawlessness.”

The path of light, in my opinion, includes concepts such as:

  • Love the one who made you
  • Glorify the one who ransomed you from death
  • Be simple in heart and rich in spirit
  • Do not exalt yourself but be humble in every way
  • Love that, which is good (and righteous)
  • Hate everything that is not pleasing to God
  • Do not abort a fetus or kill a child that is already born
  • Do not be of two minds
  • Do not be greedy
  • Always express your gratitude

And so many more.  Makes one wonder why this stuff was not good enough to be included in the bible.

The darking path is:  “… the path of the Black one is crooked and filled with a curse.”

Please, feel free to create your own essay, explaining your outlook on life, experience, and everything.

                                                                                    Bert Lucero (updated 2/20/21)

Author: Bert Lucero

Retired MSGT, USAF/NMANG: Medic,EMT, LPN, Clinic Manager, Administrator Supply Chain: Stock Control, Inventory, WRSK Manager, Warehouse Manager Formal Education: BS - Economics, MA - Organizational Management

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